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Junk Journals What Are They?

I get this question a lot as many people haven’t heard of Junk Journals. Let’s demystify the mystery here and now.

They are beautiful handcrafted journals that are made with found and recycled materials such as ledger paper, sheet music, vintage book pages, magazine, graph paper, and much more. For me it’s about using things usually forgotten about or thrown away and I love the hunt of finding these discarded papers and pieces at thrift and vintage shops.The materials can be original vintage materials from past eras or made to look like it is vintage. In addition many of us who make Junk Journals use tea or coffee dyed paper as it gives the appearance of having aged over time.

Also included in Junk Journals are envelopes, tags, and pockets, either handmade or recycled to hold more writing spots or photos.

In in addition the Junk Journals are embellished with doilies, fabric scraps, laces, tickets, paper flowers and paper ephemera. All of it comes together to make each journal a beautiful individual work of art.

Junk Journals are a creative expression of the maker and is a combination of mixed media art and journaling. They become more beautiful over time with use by the journaler. 

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